Friday, February 28, 2014

True Faith or Idolatry?

The following was written in response to a recent posting by blogger Walter Rhett on the now defeated attempt by the religious right in Arizona to codify discrimination against persons whose sexual orientation is different from theirs. This piece was published in the News York Times comment section by Mr Rhett in response to an article written on the same subject by columnist Gail Collins on February 27th 2014.

  1. royagraham says:
    A faith that validates the insecurities of its adherents is rightly seen as idolatry. It is , as you say, a function of the looking glass syndrome. A faith that challenges us to look beyond our own insecurities toward the building of the kind of community where we see each other in terms of the justice of laws that protect each other’s right to the pursuit of happiness is what ultimately serves us best. That, is a transcendental faith. Hate is a byproduct of the over indulgence of our insecurities. The religion of bigots reeks of its foul presence.

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