Thursday, July 31, 2014

ZIONISM... Winning the battle, losing the war.

Israel is behaving like a nation drunk on the intoxicant of its presumed military might. Under the guise of its "right to self-defense " it has rumbled into Gaza creating a trail of death and destruction. The wail of innocent men, women, and children are totally ignored as the blood-thirsty Zionists act out their long held geo-political wet dreams. As in the past, what we are witnessing  here is a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate, and terrorize a civilian population which is causing revulsion around the globe.

At this very moment International public opinion is mounting in opposition to the reasons for, and the continuation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian peoples. It is clear to the world that there is NO military solution to this conflict. Informed and fair observers have declared that the Netanyahu government has not honestly or resolutely engaged with the leaders of the Palestinian people to address their just grievances. What they have done, and effectively so, is engaged in a pattern of propagandizing that is designed to marginalize their neighbors and bring Israel sympathy and economic/military support especially from their American political partners. But the American people are slowly but surely awakening from their religion-induced stupor, and the assumption that we must uncritically support "God's chosen people" is losing its hold on our cultural consciousness.

American support for Israel's actions against the Palestinians has declined and is currently almost evenly split, even though our career politicians find themselves in lock-step with  the desires of the Zionist lobby. Former President Jimmy Carter and others have noted the  well known threat to the political viability of any American politician who does otherwise. A recent Gallop Poll observes the following:
             "It is striking how evenly divided the public is on this question when there is total uniformity   among political leaders in the U.S. that Israel is justified in what it has been doing. There is always a significant gap between popular and elite views on foreign policy issues, but it is still fairly unusual for a view held by almost 40% of Americans to have virtually no representation in Congress."
The generational divisions on this question are almost as great

We fought a war for Independence based on our objection to "taxation without representation", but now find ourselves supporting Zionist ideological practices that 40% of us do not support to the tune of (conservative estimate) $121 billion between 1949 and 2014.

Israel is brutalizing its Palestinian neighbor, but it is fast losing the war for International moral support. The consequences of this are going to be tragic for Israel's own future. Their continued illegal occupation of Palestinian land may provide some satisfaction of their gross geo-political desires, but in the long run they will have no place to hide from their own sins.

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