Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"A Beautiful Melody" ... A Timely Message To Our Young

Excerpt from the book 'A Beautiful Melody' by Roy and Monica Graham

Sons and daughters everywhere... 
This is a story about being as free as the birds in a tree. Freedom is the most wonderful possession that anyone can have, because it allows us to become the very best that we can be. When we are free, our eyes and our minds open up to great possibilities. Freedom allows us to make wonderful promises to ourselves about the greatness that is deep within each of us. It opens the way so that we can keep those promises.

Think about all the things that you would love to do. Like the three birds in our story, maybe you can create a beautiful melody that brings joy to the world. Maybe you can write a great poem that everyone will remember. Maybe you yourself can, or you can inspire someone to discover the next great scientific formula. Think about the great person you can become. Freedom makes it all possible.

We have said that Freedom is the most wonderful possession we have; but did you know that not everyone is free? Sadly some people have had their freedom restricted, or taken from them altogether. This can bring about great sadness. Like the child in our story, losing our joy is a terrible distraction. In the same way, losing the joy that freedom brings renders us unable to accomplish the great things that lay deep within us.

And so this is a story about how being free, like the birds, allows us all to do wonderful things. This story also makes us think about why we should want others to have the freedom to become everything they dream of being.”

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