Friday, June 26, 2015

Scalia's "Giggery-Pokery", and Unadulterated Reactionary Bollocks

The Supreme Court's 6-3 rebuke of those whose sole agenda is to sabotage any real achievement of the first African-American POTUS has sent reactionary minds into a tornado-like tailspin that has them reaching into the bag of their linguistic antiquities for words to express their ideological angst. No one who has followed this Court had any doubts as to which side of the argument Justice Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas would be bulwarks for. No one. The specter of extremely backward cultural bias has always been a fact of life that haunts the Court. Those who still hold the expectation that the highest Court of the land could be expected to be the vanguard of the highest principles of our common humanity need to be reminded of  The Dred Scott Decision... a decision that implicitly denied the humanity of black persons, and Plessy vs Ferguson ... a decision that legitimized state laws which institutionalized racism in the South.

It is no secret that there are those in our government who having lost two Presidential elections to Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats, have resigned themselves to the prospects of preventing him from governing... Witness now head of the Senate Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. The eventually inevitable establishment of the Affordable Care Act as the law of the land is an achievement of this Presidency that puts a dagger through the political hearts of these reactionaries. Combine this with other rulings this week that raise the bar of Justice above the narrow economic and cultural interests of the American conservative establishment, and witness the expected mental/political implosion of  hypocrites. The usual verbiage of their semantic tool-sets come up short; and so they resort to the store of their old cultural bag of shit... Bullshit that is.

Scalia can't face the facts of his judicial/cultural ass-whooping, so in his pain and cultural anguish he resorts to his bag of cultural antiquities... "Giggery-pokery!" He screams. The linguists among us reveal the meaning of this bit of antiquity as :  a manipulative or slyly dishonest act – synonyms include “trickery” or “hocus-pocus”. According to Merriam-Webster, the word is thought to stem from the Scottish phrase joukery-pawkery, jock being "cheat" or "dodge" and pawk being to "trick." Between the rulings on Fair Housing, Marriage, and Obamacare; Conservatives in Congress and their servants on the Supreme Court have no constitutional place to hide from their own giggery-pokery.  For better or for worse we are a Nation of Laws. Not only that... We find ourselves in a cultural-political dynamic that continues to evolve in the direction of greater democracy.

The backwardness that Scalia and Thomas represent is being left in the tragic past in which it functioned to deny equal access to the blessings of Liberty. The days when people were denied the Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ; and when we could expect such a denial to be backed up by the guardians of Justice must, and are passing.  The moral "trickery" that passed for Justice in those days is being called by its real name... Bull excrement... Or, in the antiquity of Justice Scalia, ... Bollocks! The reality we wrestle with in our judicial system is that the barbs through which the likes of Scalia  and Thomas voice their objections to progress, and the moral garbs in which they clothe those objections, are terribly soiled by the historically putrid waste of Justice denied. The work of Justice for All continues among us. This week we have good reasons to be enthusiastic about Hope and Change... Remember that? Those who were heralds for the death of this President's "legacy" spoke too soon.  Who Jah Bless, No man curse...

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