Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beyond Our Fears... Updated

In a world constantly evolving toward greater efficiency in our occupation and use of time and space, we are being challenged more and more to be greater adepts in our perception of the values and communal objectives we must develop in order to coexist peacefully. The alternatives to peaceful coexistence in the brave new world that advances in technology and the challenges of our political environment are foisting upon us are not always attractive. We can learn to live together, or we can foolishly choose to suffer the consequences of our existential myopia.

Ultimately we must come to realize that a precondition to prospering together is the establishment of Justice. To live into this consciousness is to thrive in accordance with our most primitive instinct… the will to survive. That will to survive must be understood in terms of our Us-ness… our connectedness of being. The us against them mentality that has become a feature of our communal experience is at best an uncritical assumption born of fear; at worst it is a tool being used to further the cause of those who think they can continue to benefit from it. The violence that is a built in feature of this corrupted way of being will continue to wreak havoc among us as long as it is allowed to define our perception of things. This corrupted view of our shared humanity must be allowed to expire. There are now technologies available to us that make us or them an unviable choice. Behaviors that articulate the prospect of our mutual annihilation are inimical to progress in our world.
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In the interest of a nation and a world that can continue to develop and prosper, we... whether we find ourselves in Asia, in Africa, in Europe, in the Americas, or in the Middle East…; or in New York, or Louisiana, or Minnesota, or Ferguson... We must identify and connect with those ways of being that enhance our own fecundity, and the fecundity of our neighbors. We must face the fact that there is no wall that we can build that will negate the essential interconnectedness that has always been, and remains even now, a physical, cultural, and technological reality of our lives.

There is no greatness that is a product of the parochialism being fostered by greedy, insecure little persons who have so far failed to resolve the anxieties they harbor in their own corrupted souls. The only lasting resolution to the fears that haunt the purveyors of division in our world comes from a certain death... the dying of corrupted egos. 

We can attempt to shrink our world to fit our uncritical perspectives; but expanding our horizons to be more facilitating of the shared needs of our common humanity remains our only real hope for a secure future. Those who have ears to hear... let them hear.

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