Friday, July 8, 2016

Of Paradise Despised... Poetry For A Day Such As This

Ray <b>Of Hope</b> - <b>illustrations</b> for a horror game on Behance
Shanty towns ...of heated browns
Blighted spirits weighted down
On bended knees hierarchies
Of powers in conflict that compete for the loyalties of those oppressed
By the hardened heart of wickedness
And their own sense of void...

Wanton wasted brokenness
That looks at life through blood-tainted eyes...
Rancid stench of wickedness...
Dark arresting passions of a sinful nakedness
Raging red... Till death and Hell
Confirm the dreadfull truths ...Of Paradise despised
And lives that bought into a lie...

*** *** *** ***             *** *** *** ***

And when we sorrow for the lives of our sons
Who engage in the violence of their mutual despair
Will our tears yet quench the barren-ness
Of this heated state in which we live...?

And can we stop this crimson rain
This predestined clash of conflicting loyalties
If we replace the shanty towns
With fertile places unconfined...?

*** *** *** ***          *** *** *** ***

And on this rise
From which we survey the woe-begotten aftermath
Of a Megiddo inspired conflagration
We retire to wipe our tears
And find a place to build a house of hope
Through which flows the eternal spring
Of that Love that softens hearts ...Restoring hope
And heals the broken-ness
Of every passionate soul

(From my book...Of Paradise Despised... And lives that bought into a lie)

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