Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spoilers of Eden

( I wrote this poem in November 1995 to mourn the murder /assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin ) 

Creating gods in their own images
Fashioning revelations
After the likeness of their fantasies
Obsessed with changing a world they do not understand

Proselyte purveyors of myopic tragedies…
Prophets of doom
Preaching a vision colored in red fluidity…
Blind to the broader view…
Deaf to the words of others…
Unconvinced know-it-alls

Raving demi-gods
Delusional seers
Lusting for powers that none can have
Who has not come to know the incarnation of love
As the only true religion

Messengers of destruction
Harboring jealousies
Of those who know how to make honey
In a world oft void of sweetness…
Helpers of the Serpent…
Spoilers of Eden

From the book  “Of Paradise Despised... and lives that bought into a lie ” By Roy Alexander Graham

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