Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton vs The Republican Machine... What She Taught Us

I am among the many millions who watched former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's responses to the Republicans on the Benghazi panel. At the end of that spectacle I, like so many others, had nothing kind to say about the demonstrated political intentions of these "inquisitors". Nothing. I am certain that the former Secretary has her shortcomings, but to try as these political vultures did to place the blame for this terrorist attack at the feet of this public servant was disingenuous at best, and thoroughly disgraceful at worse. This was nothing more than an attempt to use a tragedy that is unfortunately not unique in our international political experience to derail the Presidential campaign of the former Secretary of State. In this they failed... Miserably. As I watched now Presidential Candidate Hillary respond to the eleven plus hours attempt to break her down, I couldn't help but reflect on a greater lesson unfolding in that very experience.
We have the power, each one of us, to cast off the definitions by which our potentials are limited. We acknowledge that power in declaring our right to name ourselves and thus determine who we are and what we will become. The recognition of this right and this power ushers in a new reality for anyone so inclined. It begins the process of breaking the molds that sabotage our ability to live authentic lives. It makes us available to the empowering possibilities of liberated living.
The responsibility to define who we are and what we will become is a sacred trust. It is the foundation on which we build the futures that beckon us away from the distresses of the imposed impotence of a mimicked existence. The authenticity of our being should never be determined by anyone else’s prescription, nor for that matter, anyone else’s proscription. The process of naming ourselves is an exercise in the kind of courage that takes for granted that we will make mistakes. Our imperfection however, should never be a deterrent to acting out our sense of who we are… Or what we want to become. Let us always keep in mind that we are works in progress. 
To the extent that perfection carries with it the connotation of being finished, it is a claim we cannot even pretend to make… None of us. I couldn't help but notice that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a much stronger candidate for President of the United States of America today. Yes, stronger and more authentic than she was before her "Inquisition". 

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