Monday, March 21, 2016

Scream ... (For International Poetry Day/Month)

Hell hath no fury like this
And death no dread
Like this dark place to which I sink
And from which
I announce my despair…and give birth
To this unholy thing
That I have borne
And of which I
Am now involuntarily delivered…

A person scorned
Must never know
This gut-wrenching…soul emptying
Unending…light-forbidding tunnel
Into which I have fallen…and
Am falling endlessly…
This black hole that drains…and keeps draining
My heart of its courage

I have hurt… but no more…
The hope of my pain has dissipated
Leaving me numb…and stiff
With the despair of my uncertainty

I am lost
In the gateless penitentiary
Of my lack of grasp
Of time…and space…and feeling
I would cry much louder
I can’t hear myself

From: Roy Alexander Graham's:Of Scattered Seed and Broken Souls.” 

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